Staff Directory

Principal – Directora Kristin Becker
Assistant Principal – Sub-Directora Charlotte Galen
Secretary DeeDee Skriver
Health and Records Assistant Patricia Abeyta
Information & Records Clerk Amanda Hutchinson
Bilingual Customer Service Coordinator OPEN
Attendance Assistant and Transportation Changes
Kindergarten Teacher Shannon Wellsteed
Kindergarten Teacher Crista Adovnik
Kindergarten Teacher Linda Miller
Kindergarten Teacher Tracy Petty
Kindergarten Teacher Jillian Vanderbeck
Kindergarten Teacher Tamara Madden
1st Grade Teacher Wendy Henriksen
1st Grade Teacher Ariel Lund
1st Grade Teacher Liz Salerno
1st Grade Teacher Aimee Leitterman
1st Grade Teacher Nathan Schierbeek
1st Grade Teacher Cindy Thomas Job share with Ms. Bowen
1st Grade Teacher Jori Bowen Job share with Ms. Thomas
2nd Grade Teacher Holly Cummins
2nd Grade Teacher Elaine Hoach
2nd Grade Teacher Staci Murillo
2nd Grade Teacher Nicole Bernardi
2nd Grade Teacher Theresa Rodocker Website
2nd Grade Teacher Alicia Stevens
School Counselor Angella Tiger
English Language Development Teacher Josh Kennett
English Language Development Teacher Andria Douglas
Reading Teacher Jennifer Napoleon
School Psychologist Taffy Perucci
Special Education Teacher Allyson Solvang
Structured Learning Center Teacher Jamie Martinson
Speech/Language Pathologist Erin Miller
P.E. Teacher Rose Hollingsworth
Music Teacher Julia Strecker
Bilingual Tutor Brenda Edmunds
Bilingual Tutor OPEN
Title I Reading Assistant Melodie McKenzie
Title I Reading Assistant Jessica Castillo
Instructional Assistant Angela Bokosky
Special Education Assistant Jo Davey
Special Education Assistant Hannah Abbott
School Garden Coordinator Sara Gibson
Media Assistant Cindy Belleque
Lead Custodian (Sodexo) Rick Maple
Custodian (Sodexo)
Kitchen Manager (Sodexo)
Kitchen Staff (Sodexo)
Kitchen Staff (Sodexo)
Kitchen Staff (Sodexo)