Transportation and School Hours Update

Transportation and School Hours Update

Posted on September 3, 2019

Mrs. Stock, Ms. DeeDee, and Jennifer remained with me at school until 9:00 PM tonight (Tuesday) attempting to review each child’s plan. Mrs. Stock and I are continuing with the review of plans tonight.
In some instances, transportation plans do not make sense to us based on what we remember from previous years. Some of you may receive a phone call from DeeDee, Jennifer, or myself tomorrow confirming regular transportation plans.
One scenario that is confusing is the number of families that are identified in the system as “car rider” – which is where children were sent today. And, yet, families were at the back door as walker. These are families that we will likely be contacting.
Other scenarios include students being listed as riding the bus, when in fact, students are being picked up by a parent either as a walker or a car rider.
Please know that I stress with you. Your child is not mine biologically and yet, I feel the devastation and helplessness of situations like today as if each child is my own.
At the end of the day, I want to make sure that your child gets where he/she is supposed to. If you have any question in your mind about the accuracy of your child’s transportation plan, please email us at . This email address is new and is designated specifically for transportation at Yaquina View so that all office staff can have access to transportation communication.

One final thought that pertains to the hours of school for Yaquina View. We shifted the hours to 8:00-3:00 so that our students are not on the buses for so long. We are the first pick up after school. When we are running on schedule, YV students are on the bus for 30 minutes (or more) picking up students from the other 3 Newport schools. The shift in time means that we were able to reduce the time that they are on the bus driving amongst schools before making the journey home. Some of our students have experienced horribly embarrassing situations due to wetting their pants because they are on the bus a little too long. I have spoken with Mrs. Moore, Principal at Sam Case, and she described the two dismissal options for parents at Sam Case: front door pick up (cars enter driveway by front door) or walker gate pickup. She shared that there is a plan in place to supervise students in both areas knowing that it will take time for parents to get from YV to SC. Questions related to Sam Case dismissal should be addressed at Sam Case. We are working to get the timing right and to speed up the process so things do not take so long at YV. Any questions regarding Yaquina View should come to me. I am happy to engage with any and every family.

Thank you for sharing your feedback, support, and questions with us. We are working diligently to make this right.

❤️Principal Becker